The XperiaZ is packed full of impressive features, from it's HDR Video and 13MP camera, to its water resistance. For the launch of the XperiaZ, Sony Mobile wanted to showcase these particular features and get their existing community excited about owning the phone. Xperia Ztests was born.

Xperia Face Off

Our microsite asked people to tweet about one of the phone's three main features. Using pre-populated tweet-starters, they should tell us how they would put their favourite feature to the test. Our lucky person would then win their suggestion for real.

There could only be one ultimate winner, but to increase engagement and keep excitement alive throughout the campaign, we dished out unusual spot prizes. We commissioned illustrator, David Luepschen to respond LIVE to people's tweets. Using Photoshop's latest animation features, combined with Wacom tablets, he created 13 hand-drawn, humorous and personalised animations and illustrations over the two weeks.

Our overall winner wanted to test the XperiaZ's HDR video by taking the phone rally driving. So we whisked her down to Silverstone where she bumped and swerved her way around the track, clutching her new XperiaZ. We filmed the results and mixed in some humorous animation for a little extra charm.